While we are unable to welcome you into our cosy little coffee shop, we hope that you enjoy the great taste of Two Gingers at home. Coffee is supplied through our favourite coffee roaster, Bonanza in Berlin.

Two Gingers gained it’s name through the original two owners both being of the ginger variety. Since then the business has been slightly remodelled and is now solely owned by one ginger, Luke Foster. But the name remains the same as we’re quite fond of our beginnings and it honours those who were there from the humble beginning.

Two Gingers, since day one has been a quality focused coffee shop. Often compromising on quality over profit. After many trips to Berlin and across Europe we chose to team up with Bonanaza Coffee Roasters to drive our vision further. They roast all of their coffee ‘omni’ this means it’s suitable for all brewing methods from espresso to french press. Taste aside, we also love the provenance on each and every coffee that they roast. We believe in traceability and that farmers should be paid for the quality of their product rather than quantity. Every coffee that you buy goes through a chain of hands and filters down for a better quality of life for a farmer and their staff.