Whilst there seems to be a million and one ways to use an Aeropress I always favour the simple, basic methods that deliver every time.


  • 16g medium ground coffee
  • 250g boiled water
  • 5 minute brewing time
  • Normal method


  • Pre wet your filter papers (use 2). Drain then screw together place on cup or decanter
  • Add 16g ground coffee, shake coffee to its flat
  • Pour in 250g recently boiled fresh water
  • Create vacuum as soon as possible. Done by placing in and pulling up slightly.
  • Leave to steep for 4 mins, gently swirl at 2 mins
  • Plunge for 1 minute

You’ll find this method takes a little while but the results will be undeniable. Plus it’s not like you have anywhere to be :)

if your brew is too weak, grind finer. If your brew is too strong, grind coarser.