V60 is probably the most celebrated brew method in speciality coffee and for good reason. Known for delivering natural expressions of coffee and highlighting acidity and sweetness. But does require a few tools to make it well.


Use fresh filtered water or bottled water (volvic)

Grind fresh using a burr grinder

Use a gooseneck kettle

Use good speciality coffee

Pre wet filter paper


15g medium ground coffee

240g boiled water

2.20 - 3.20 brew time


  • Add ground coffee flatten coffee bed
  • Start timer add 70g water in a circular motion slowly then swirls v60 to evenly wet grounds
  • At 30 seconds add 100g of water (170g)
  • At 1 minute add 70g of water (240g)
  • At 1.30 swirl v60 to pick up loose grounds in the brew. This will flatten the coffee bed

If your brew is too weak, grind finer. If your brew is too strong grind coarser.