At Two Gingers we pull espresso a little different. We actually pull what you would call a “lungo” — a long espresso. We pull the shot slightly longer than ‘usual’ this is to draw out more sweetness and balance we find this to be the best way for the coffee roasted by Bonanza. Which is “not your typical” & “unnecessarily good”. We believe these statements set by them.


  • 18g finely ground coffee (dose)
  • 45g yield (wet coffee out)
  • 22-30 seconds extraction time

Notes - our yield is 2.5x our dose. Adjust this if your machine requires a different dose.

First you need to learn how to distribute your coffee for espresso. There is some really good visual aids on YouTube. An evenly distributed coffee results in a better, cleaner extraction.

Secondly make sure you’re measuring your extraction and timing. This will help when adjusting the grind size to ensure the best taste is achieved.

If your espresso takes too long grind coarser, if your espresso is too quick grind finer. Each coffee has a different sweet spot.

If you’re using a bean to cup machine, adjust the things you can using the information above.


  • grind fresh using a burr grinder
  • use a stop watch and scales
  • Use fresh filtered water
  • Use good speciality coffee