French Press

Perhaps the most used home brewer and the easiest. With very little equipment required it’s a great tool if you’re just getting into coffee or just like the simple life. French presses come in different sizes so it’s important to find out what works best for you. I’ll tell you how to brew for just one person and if you’re brewing for multiples you can just multiply the recipe.


  • use french filtered water or bottled (volvic)
  • Grind fresh using a burr grinder
  • Use a scale and timer


  • 16g medium ground coffee
  • 250g water
  • 4 minutes brew time


  • Pre wet your french press with hot water, then dispose.
  • Add your ground cofffee
  • Pour over 250g of water
  • Stir so all coffee grounds are evenly wet
  • Wait 4 minutes
  • SLOWLY plunge your coffee

If you find your coffee too weak, you can grind finer, or use more coffee. If you find your coffee too strong you can grind coarser or use less coffee. Only adjust one thing at a time. You’ll get a better indication of what works.