Stove top

Stove top is how I brew at home, usually. It mirrors more the type of espresso you find at the shop. Plus it’s super easy and requires little equipment. Stove top comes in different sizes but the instructions are transferable to each size.

You have 3 components, base, basket and top

Firstly you want to pre boil your water. This makes the extraction quicker and prevents the coffee from being baked.

Your coffee wants to be ground medium NOT fine.


  • use fresh filtered water or bottled (volvic)
  • Use a burr grinder and grind fresh


  • First step —fill your basket with ground coffee and distribute this evenly so the top is flat. There is no need to compress the coffee bed, it does not require it.
  • Secondly — get your boiled water and fill the base up to the bolt hole on the side.
    Lastly — wait for the coffee to extract & enjoy

If you find your coffee to be too weak, grind finer. If you find your coffee too strong, grind coarser.